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Outsunny Hanging Patio Heater, 1500W, Aluminium-Silver

Outsunny Hanging Patio Heater, 1500W, Aluminium-Silver

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The Outsunny hanging halogen heater can be a wonderful addition to your indoor or outdoor space, providing both light and heat for a small area. This hanging heater with included chain can help you keep warm as you work in your garage, enjoy a drizzly afternoon on the patio. Its warmth can be spread precisely where you want it. Lightweight, easy to carry or change locations. 

Features:  Aluminium cover makes heater for gazebo more stable and safe;  

It can be mounted on ceiling, hanged on eave or inside a tent;  

Can be used both indoors and outdoors, with waterproof plug for added safety;  

Uses an halogen heating technology to efficiently distribute heat;  

With standard 240 volts outlet and provides 1500 watts of warmth;  

Safe and environmentally respectful with no carbon monoxide emissions;  

Pull switch easily control ON/OFF of the hanging patio heater;  

No assembly required; 


Brand Name: Outsunny;  

Material Used: Aluminium, metal, plastic;  

Colour: Silver;  

Product Dimension: ?42 x 28H cm;  

Box Dimension: 46L x 45W x 35H cm;  

Gross Weight: 4kg;  

Net Weight: 3kg;  

Flat Pack: NO;  

Assembly Required: NO;  

Other Key Info: 

Power cord length: 1.55M;  

Certification: CE;  

Custom label: 842-084

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