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Twin Pack 50L Professional Compost

Twin Pack 50L Professional Compost

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Simply the best compost available to the gardener today and now with reduced peat! A professional mix to our exacting recipe from one of Europe's leading blenders, it contains 50 percent composted wood fibre, to open the mix up and get air into the roots, and a precise blend of 3 different peats to balance drainage and water holding. With added lime, it is pH balanced to give the optimum growing conditions, it also contains starter fertiliser to get your plants off to a head-start, and a wetting agent to ensure even water distribution in pots and containers. Not to be confused with cheap bags of low-grade black peats at DIY stores - you will feel the light and fluffy difference yourself and notice the difference in growth. Perfect for pots, baskets and planters for growing any plants.

Supplied as 2 x 50L bags.

Now you can get the very best Professional results - just like growers in the horticultural trade.

This compost is NOT available to consumers from garden centres and DIY outlets and is not to be confused with cheap and cheerful compost, this is a superior blend and will give perfect results every time!

Made from the highest quality ingredients where the exact formulation is trialled, tested and scientifically proven to encourage plants to grow optimally and reach their full potential.

Each batch is freshly made and will provide the perfect growing medium where the roots will thrive, and the plants will flourish.

Supplied as 2 x 50L bags, 100 litres of compost in total.

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