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'Swiss Cheese Plant' Monstera deliciosa

'Swiss Cheese Plant' Monstera deliciosa

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Product Information

If there is one houseplant that has inspired generation after generation of indoor gardeners, then it has to be the ever popular (and easy to grow) Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera Deliciosa.

With glossy, rich green leaves laves with irregular holes, plants will trail gently over their pot if left untrained or can be treated as a climber and tied to a support.

The glossy, tropical leaves of the Monkey Leaf are what makes this plant a star, easily adding a lush, exotic feel to any room.

It's fascinating to watch the young leaves as the emerge tightly furled, growing longer each day before opening fully. Young leaves are solid, but as the plant matures they begin to develop the characteristic holes. Naturally a lazy climber, your plant will enjoy the support of a moss pole (not supplied) where you can push its aerial roots into the moss as they develop, helping to support it as it grows.

A native of tropical rainforests, Monstera is a houseplant that's easy to keep happy - we recommend that you place it in bright but not direct sunlight indoors and mist the leaves regularly to provide humidity - plus they love a bit of a leaf-wipe now and again to remove dust and restore that glossy sheen.

Supplied as an established plant in a 20cm pot, approx. 80-85cm tall.

As with all houseplants, keep away from children and pets and take care when handling.

Please note that the decorative pot is not included.

Top Tips

Place your Monstera in a bright spot out of direct sunlight. Mist leaves regularly and wipe occasionally to remove dust and restore their glossy sheen.

Care Information

  • Best grown in indirect sunlight in an average room temperature - avoid large temperature fluctuations.
  • Water regularly and allow the soil to dry a bit between watering.
  • Feed once a month with a general-purpose liquid houseplant feed.
  • Mist leaves to maintain humidity.
  • Clean leaves regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Do not place in direct sunlight, as this will scorch and yellow the leaves.
  • Keep out of darker areas as growth will be spindly and new leaves will lose their holes and cuts.

 The leaves of Monstera deliciosa are toxic so keep away from pets and children

Supplied as an established plant, approx. 80-85cm tall in a 20cm pot

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