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Photinia 'Red Robin' Hedging Pack x10 in 9cm Pots

Photinia 'Red Robin' Hedging Pack x10 in 9cm Pots

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Photinia 'Red Robin' is a very popular, vigorous evergreen shrub, which boasts glossy, bright red leaves, which give a spectacular display in spring and summer. The leaves gradually change through a mix of oranges, purples and bronzes, maturing to deep dark green. The newest shoots retain a dark red glow all year.

Red Robin is often planted as an ornamental shrub or as a fast-growing, dense hedge. It produces clusters of small white flowers in spring, sometimes followed by red fruit - but it is the bright, blood-red spring foliage that really sets this hedging shrub apart. The colour is really intense and unusual, especially so early in the year, and being evergreen, has year round interest.

A great and versatile shrub for hedging, screening, or as a backdrop, yet easily manageable in smaller gardens with annual pruning.

Grows up to 30cm a year once established.

Supplied as a collection of 10 established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant.

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