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Fabric Resistance Bands

Fabric Resistance Bands

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  • Peak Supps hip circle bands can increase the difficulty of exercises such as: Hip Thrusts /Squats /Lunges /Curtsy Lunges/Crab walks/Lying Clams/Deadlifts/Forward and Backward Walks /Leg Press
  • Our fabric resistance bands really focus on the glute, thigh and hip muscles to concentrate on toning the legs and core. 
  • Our bands are made of soft, 100% breathable fabric material with an elastic lining for grip to ensure the bands don't move during training.


S:8*33.5cm | M:8*38.5cm | L:8*43.5cm
Material: Polyester 

Package Includes:

3 X Fabric Resistance Bands (S*1 , M*1 , L*1)
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