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Bulb Baskets x3 with Bulb Planter

Bulb Baskets x3 with Bulb Planter

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The traditionally styled, high quality Kent & Stowe hand bulb planter makes digging a planting hole for your bulbs easy. Made from carbon steel and beautiful ash wood, it features a serrated edge for easy entry into soil, as well as a 4 inch measurement scale. Lightweight, durable, polished carbon steel head and an ergonomic ash handle for comfort, it will remove a 6cm diameter core from earth. L 23cm x 10.5cm x 6cm. The perfect solution to planting bulbs with the minimum of fuss and disturbance to other plants in your borders the bulb baskets make light work of bulb planting.

Simply fill the bulb basket with soil or compost and evenly space the bulbs to the recommended planting distance, gently pushing the bulbs in to the soil to just cover the base. Dig a hole in your border or in your container to the correct depth, place the basket then replace the soil. Your bulbs will now send their roots through the basket base and grow as normal. After flowering just lift the baskets and store until all the green growth has died back, keep moist and feed to help next year's flowering. Ideal for drying and storing your bulbs over winter, especially frost-tender varieties (just remember to keep the whole basket in a frost-free place).

Pack contains 3 x 26cm diameter bulb baskets and 1 x hand held bulb planter.

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